flag-skSlovak engineering company SBAJ INMART, a. s. as a corporation of the CHARVÁT Group s.r.o. logo followes on the results his predecessor SB INMART, a.s. and continues in tradition of the production handling equipment - pallet trucks, but especially in the production of hydraulic components and cylinders of small, midlle and heavy category, that since own beginnings in the year 1970 under header ZŤS Bardejov, hasn't any similar on the Slovakia.

A quality of SBAJ INMART, a.s. Bardejov is presented by 45-years old experiences and the specialization is confirmed by own development, services and quidance. The company is very fixed and responsible exporter into countries of Europe Union, USA and collaborates with the leaders of engineering in the world.


Basic parts of our production are hydraulic components for controling of pressure and flowing and hydraulic distributors for mobile machines and their hydraulic systems, that are serving for controling, care of adjusted pressure or limiting of speed of the cylinder.

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We are known and unigue also in the production of direct hydratropics in pressure levels up to 32 MPa, of average of piston to Ø 250 mm and stroke to 4200 mm. With these parameters they find out broadband using into earth, building and road machines of heavy series for controling of working tools.

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This specified handling equipment we are producing into two segments - highlift pallet trucks in the division according to loading capacity to 1000 kg and stroke to 3350 mm with manual stroke and travelling or electrical stroke and travelling and scissors low lift pallet trucks with loading capacity to 1000 kg.

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For all types of pallet trucks as instruments of handling equipment, that we are producing and they by own's design and quality are verifying also serious testies of consumers, we offer also additional equipments and transport equipments.

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Our priorities

  • Accuracy,     precision
  • Scheduling, optimalization
  • Own
  • Quality,    reliability

Our visions and targets

Development of engineering industry on Slovakia in the section of high methods of treatment of materials is conditional by tradition of producing as well as by existing high specialistic competence in join with state of art accessible technologie. SBAJ INMART, a.s. company is one of the prominent european manufacturers of direct hydratropics, as well as hydraulic components necessary for solution of complex hydraulic systems. SBAJ INMART, a.s. is included into category of strategic suppliers of direct hydratropics and hydraulic components for assembling factories of world's manufacturers of building and agricultural engines. Ours articles became by asked for many prestigious foreign companies from Belgium, France, USA, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Ukraine and so on. Year of 2015 becames fault also from the point of view of beginning of realisation of important investments.

Actual innovations and stabilization of manufacturing program will be focused on assortment expansion of proportional distributors, remote control devices and linear hydraulic motors according to requirements of customers.

Legend for next period

  • Hight quality and accuracy of executions of customer's requirements are ground of their satisfaction.
  • Profitability of capital of company.
  • Rationalization of all processes – Lean management.
  • Fixed fundament of strategic partners.
  • Proactiv communication on all levels.
  • Exercitation of method 5M in the system of management of company.
  • High efficiency of work with help of IS ESO/ES.
  • Increase of motivation and satisfaction of employees.