High lift pallet trucks Pallet trucks produced in Slovakia

High lift pallet truck  VV 1000/1600 D

Description: High lift pallet truck VV 1000/1600D has the same parameters as pallet truck VV 1000/1600G –load capacity and lift elevation, there is a difference only in total depth. It is less than pallet truck VV 1000/1600G. It is able to transport in low cars, for exploitation in warehouses and rooms, where the doors are low or in lifts.

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Technic parameters:

VV 1000/1600 D

Load capacity in kg:
Weight of the truck in kg:
Lift elevation in mm:
Length in mm:
Breadth in mm:
Depth in mm:
Length of the scoops in mm:
Breadth of the scoops in mm:
Min. depth over floor in mm:
Lift with endurance in mm/1 vibration:
Lift without endurance in mm/1 vibration:
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