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High lift pallet truck  VV 800/900 G ERGO 40°


High lift truck VV 800/900 G ERGO 40° ) is designed for transport and material handling, loaded on transporting platforms or pallets, on flat and solid surfaces. It enables to offtake and to base pallets with material to the maximum lifting height of the truck and to tilt a load placed in a fence pallet with max. height 400 mm, i.e. with the position of the center of gravity 200 mm over forks by + 20°. It decreases physical strain of person manipulating with material.

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VV 800/900 G ERGO 40°

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Length in mm:
Breadth in mm:
Depth in mm:
Length of the scoops in mm:
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Min. depth over floor in mm:
Lift with endurance in mm/1 vibration:
Lift without endurance in mm/1 vibration:
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