High lift electrical trucks Pallet trucks produced in Slovakia

High lift electrical pallet truck  VV 1000/2350 GE

Description: These high lift electrical pallet trucks VV GE are suitable for the storages and factories. They have electrical lift, load capacity is equal by endurance diagram, the differencies between them are only in lift (i.e.) which hight they move up pallets in. All types have got a hydraulic aggregate for 12V or 24V. One or two traction batteries 12V/60Ah are being instaled in them.

Present price doesn't include the traction battery 12V/60Ah and charger.

Models VV GE have to bye the battery or we are able to provide for them. Its price is present on a web page of the internet e-shop.

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  Detail view on VV 1000/2350 GE
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Technic parameters:

VV 1000/2350 GE

Load capacity in kg:
Weight of the truck in kg:
Lift elevation in mm:
Length in mm:
Breadth in mm:
Depth in mm:
Length of the scoops in mm:
Breadth of the scoops in mm:
Min. depth over floor in mm:
Lift with endurance in mm/1 vibration:
Lift without endurance in mm/1 vibration:
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