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High lift pallet truck  VV 1000/900 UB

Description: High lift pallet truck VV 1000/900 UB is used for transport and lift of shipload by EUR standard palletes (800 x 600)cm into weight 1000 kg. It is possible to be used as desk. Due to narrow, short construction and low height, this pallet truck is also suitable for manipulation into near store spacies. The truck has a manual travelling, is barbed by safety-valve for overloading. Lifting and launching of the shipload is secured by manual hydraulics. Parking brake of the both wheels insures tenability of the truck on the smooth lean space with lifting shipload besides. Centre of unloading of the shipload is 450 mm from the front of spoon, height of the spoons in underposition is 87+3 mm.

Surface reform is made by dry color. Very quality strong and turning wheels are manufactured from polyurethane and they are resistant to majority aggressive materials. Supplier of the wheels is prestigious german company BLICKLE).

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VV 1000/900 UB

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