High lift electrical pallet trucks-manual

Construction description of high lift electrical pallet trucks

High lift electrical pallet truck consists form the outer frame, the internal frame, the working cylinder, the hydraulic power-unit, forks and the handle.

The forks and the internal frame, are lifted by chains anchored to the outer frame and running through rollers, which are assembled on the internal frame and they are thrown out by the working cylinder piston. The other ends of the chains are assembled to the fork. Piston is thrown out by pressure of hydraulic oil. Pressure is created by hydraulic power-unit.

The power unit is controlled through the lever located on the upper part of the unit cover.

VV 1000/1600 DE

These parts are installed in the electric circuit:

  • central micro switch
  • electric fuse for the power circuit
  • electric fuse for the control circuit
  • connector socket for connecting a charger

There is the trotting valve mounted within the hydraulic circuit.

Electrohydraulic unit
Flow 1,6 cm³/rev
Tank 2,5 l
Engine output 2000 W
Intensity 24 V
Traction AKU battery 2 x 12 V / 60 Ah
Amount of charging cycles min. 1500
Lifts/1 charging cycle min. 100 lift
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