Hydraulic cylinders

Linear hydromotor type HVLinear hydromotor type HV

Brief description and function:

Row rectilinear hydratropics series HV dedicated on generic in hydraulic perimeter pressure above atmosferic to 16 MPA, for mezzo heavy operation conditions, especially in building and channel machines.

Rectilinearly hydratropic series HV consist of pipe by your leave correct opening on leading motion ram. Toward pipe is bonded back lid. Front lid is screw to pipe. Opening for supply working liquid are measure threads for screwing feeder line. On leading part front lit are relives for windshield circlet and sealing cuff and leading edge.Ram have created scoring forinsertion seal and leading adge. Connection ram with carpel is through matrices. On carpel is on salient end is bonded mouting lug.

Mouting lug and back lit are forgings.


Linear hydromotor type HV

Technical data

Linear hydromotor type HV


Linear hydromotor type HV


Linear hydromotor type HV
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