Referencies - our bussiness partners


Caterpillar Inc. is a american company that designes, produces and sells machines and motors and also offers financial products and insurance by world bussiness network.
Caterpillar is the best producer of building and mining machines, diesel and gas motors, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electrical locomotives.


Since 1913 CLAAS is a german producer of agricultural machines in city Harsewinkel, Germany.
His various range of goods includes harvesters, pooling slicers, packaging machines, mowing-machines, fish slices and others machines for a harvest. In the year 2003 CLAAS has entered nearly to collaborate with company Renault, so today all tractors Renault support brand and colours of CLAAS.


HMF is a story of danish company, that has developed in time 60 years from little workshop of road bicycle to dynamic and high technological international company. HMF generates and produces hydraulic loading cranes (hydraulic hands), special extensions, loading fronts and hydraulic for delivery facilities.
It is a supplier of technology in the future for customers, that have a big requests.


Liebherr Group is big german producer specialistic on the production of cranes, components of aeroplanes, mining machines. Company is residing in the city Bulle in Swiss.
At now the group of Liebherr as a prominent world producer of bulding technology employes in the world 24 000 peoples about.


REP International is a French industrial company, that has been founded by pioneer of aviation - Robert Esnault-Pelterie.
Today is specialising in production of mangles dedicated in processing of caoutchouc.

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